Administrative Law

Administrative Law is the area of law where disputes are resolved before the Board that governs each area. We practice in the following areas and before the following Boards:

    Professional Licensing

  • When your license is in jeopardy so is your whole livelihood. We act aggressively to defend your ability to continue in your chosen profession. We have defended professional licensing matters before:
    • Nursing Board
    • Dental Board
    • Chiropractor Board
    • Veterinary Board
  • Land Use

  • Many land use issues, such as zoning, subdividing and variances are determined by local governing bodies. We have successfully resolved land use issues before the:
    • City and County planning Commission
    • City council
    • Board of County Commissioners
    • Board of Adjustments
    • South Cheyenne Sewer and Water Board
    • Recreation Board
  • Employment Matters

  • Oftentimes, employment matters must first go through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the equivalent state agency, the Department of Labor.

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