Land Use

An individual’s right to defend his property rights and to use his land as he sees fit is of utmost importance to us. Land use is a large part of our practice. We offer first-rate services in these areas:


  • Initial drafting, Drafting amendments, Enforcing Covenants, Litigating Covenant enforcement
  • Adverse Possession

  • Typically, adverse possession claims arise out of boundary disputes amongst neighboring landowners. We have successfully brought and defended adverse possession claims.
  • Private Road Actions

  • When a property is landlocked, the landlocked property owner has a statutory procedure to obtain access.
  • Easements

  • We assist clients in negotiating easements. We also help clients obtain a remedy from entities who have placed utilities or roads in areas outside of the described easement.
  • Title Insurance Claims

  • When your title company fails to provide the title or access to your property that it insured we help you make and document a claim with your title insurance company.
  • Annexation

  • Gay Woodhouse has obtained a reputation of being the go-to lawyer in reference to annexations. Gay has successfully halted annexations that would have been extremely detrimental to surrounding county landowners.
  • Zone Changes

  • We have successfully obtained zone changes for our clients. Most recently, we obtained a zone change so a local small business owner could open up her dream business within Cheyenne.
  • Subdividing Property


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