Employment Law

Creative Problem Solvers & Skilled Advisors

At Woodhouse Roden Nethercott, LLC, the Lawyers are creative problem solvers, helping clients resolve legal issues efficiently and effectively. We are skilled advisors, dispensing proactive advice to employees and employers who face workplace problems. Our hard work, client commitment and track record of success allow us to effectively and efficiently serve both individuals and companies of all sizes.

Businesses and Employers

If you have an employee you will no doubt have to deal with an employment law dispute at one time or another. The attorneys of WRN can handle all your employment law concerns, whether you have issues concerning discrimination, harassment, a non-compete agreement/covenant not to compete, wage and hour or any other employment related dispute. We will work with to you come up with a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to your employment law concern. Your business matters and we want to help you keep it running smoothly.

Proactive Prevention

In our experience employers who take protective steps to train their supervisors and workers on employment law issues have a much lower incidence of claims. We regularly work with our clients to develop and present training on avoiding sexual harassment, hiring and firing and complying with state and federal employment laws.

WRN attorneys review employment applications and recruitment, interviewing and hiring procedures. We counsel employers on drafting employment agreements and severance agreements, and assist in reviewing and interpreting employee handbooks, policy manuals and personnel policies (absenteeism, vacation, sick leave, discipline, wage payment, etc.). In addition, our attorneys counsel and advise employers on internal complaints and investigations, and on development, implementation and administration of drug and alcohol testing programs.