Firearms Law

Cheyenne & Laramie, WY

The firearms manufacturing and firearms retailing business areas are very regulated at the federal and state levels. With oversight on gun manufacturers and firearm dealers coming from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms branch of the Department of Justice, as well as the US State Department and US Department of Commerce, compliance can be difficult and overwhelming. WRN lawyers have decades of experience with assisting firearms dealers, importers and manufacturers with navigating the maze of regulation governing their industry. WRN lawyers can assist with compliance with Colorado and Wyoming state and local regulatory compliance as well.

Gun dealers or manufacturers needing assistance with ATF audits of their record keeping or inventory can get expert help from WRN attorneys. Is ATF seeking to revoke your license to deal, manufacture or import firearms? The regulations on when a Federal Firearms License (FFL) can be revoked are complicated, and will depend on the violations noted, and on what violations may have been noted in prior inspection. WRN attorneys have defended such actions and can help you with yours.

Looking to use a trust to acquire firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA) such as machine guns, suppressors or short barreled rifles? WRN attorneys can draft a trust for Wyoming or Colorado residents. A trust form custom written by WRN attorneys is available at a modest cost, and has passed scrutiny by ATF hundreds of times. Of course the trust would be tailored to your situation, and can be more extensively rewritten for your situation and needs, if they vary from what is typical.

Are you a gun dealer or gun manufacturer needing assistance with NFA issues or compliance? WRN attorneys have literally decades of NFA knowledge and experience. We can offer you unmatched expertise on these questions and issues. Few attorneys located anywhere across the country offer knowledgeable help in this area. WRN can assist residents anywhere in the US with Federal law questions or problems. Representation on state law issues is available to Colorado and Wyoming residents.