After experiencing an injury at work, navigating the process of Worker's Compensation can be intimidating and frustrating. Worker's Compensation is a type of insurance carried by employers to cover the costs resulting from workplace injuries. Because it's an insurance, employer's premiums go up when claims for benefits are granted, so employers can be hesitant to agree, and Worker's Compensation can be reluctant to pay the benefits. In Wyoming, Worker's Compensation is usually the only way to recover compensation from injuries at work.

WRN attorneys can help make receiving Worker's Compensation benefits easier. We can assist from the time of the injury in filing a claim with Wyoming's Department of Workforce Services, applying for temporary and permanent disability, and representing you in a contested case hearing if a claim for benefits is denied. WRN's lawyer fees for contested case hearings can be paid by Worker's Compensation, so these are not an out-of-pocket fee for the claimant.